The Northern Ohio Repeater Management Association is a corporation for non-profit that manages the 147.015MHz repeater in Newbury, Ohio.

If you would like to use the repeater for an event, please contact us so we can ensure there are no conflicts.

Our mission is to provide and maintain amateur (“ham”) radio repeaters to be used for general communication and public service in Northeastern Ohio, at no charge, including but not limited to the provision of support to local emergency response agencies in times of emergency and at other times, and the provision of radio link assistance in situations of severe weather conditions.

The repeater has four fiberglass antennas – combined in phase – at approximately 700 feet on a 735 foot tower. All antennas are used for transmit and receive. The repeater itself is a Motorola MSR2000. We use a Phelps-Dodge duplexer as well as a directional coupler made by Decibel Products. We have battery backup and the site has generator power. The transmitter is set to approximately 60 watts.

We accept donations.  Checks can be made out to NORMA, and they can be mailed to David Andrzejewski, AD8G.

You may also donate with PayPal or a credit card.