AllStarLink Info

AllStarLink is a method of linking radios together using voice-over-ip (VoIP) technology.

It’s based on the open-source Asterisk pbx.  For more general info on AllStarLink, please visit

General Info and Policies

Our repeater is AllStarLink node 55564.

Our policy is simple: We do not restrict usage in any way, but we reserve the right to make policy decisions if the need arises.

We do ask that you disconnect any node(s) you’ve connected to when you are done using the system. You can do this by issuing *1<nodenumber> on your DTMF keypad.

Courtesy Tones

Normal mode, no nodes connected(No courtesy tone)
Net Mode
Remote User Unkey
Local User Unkey, remote node(s) connected


Bubble Map

A “bubble map” of all the nodes we are currently connected to.  Refresh the page to update.

Click to enlarge.

Live Node Bubble

Useful Commands

These commands are entered using the DTMF keypad on your radio’s mic.  Please make sure to identify your station when issuing commands.

DTMF CommandNameDescription
*1nodenumDisconnect from specified nodePlease use this when you are done.
*3nodenumConnect to another node
*70Play back local connection statusThis will list out all the nodes that are currently connected.
*75Play back full system statusPlease use sparingly.
*76Disconnect all linksUse this carefully when multiple links are connected, not everyone might want to be disconnected!